3-month journey
1:1 program

Free your Spirit & Emotions

Embody your Consciousness and Creative Power

The program

This is a private, intuitive and shamanic container, supporting and guiding multidimensional integration and divine embodiment. Your emotions and soul are the guides to your next level of expansion. You have done some work and you are ready to fly!

Together we will explore wider and deeper into the journey of the soul. From mastering emotional intelligence, to soul retrievals and galactic transmissions, wherever you are ready to expand, that is where we will go.

What you will receive

Embodied Consiousness

Explore and embody the fundamentals of consciousness and conscious living.

Divine Union and Abundance

Access deeper attunement with inner & outer Divine Union and activate the natural blueprint of abundance consciousness.

Multidimensional Trauma Integration

Process and integrate karmic, spiritual, ancestral, inner-child trauma from current and other lifetimes.

Soul Retrieval

Retrieve any fragments of your soul stuck in other timelines, to have full presence in your current physical body.

Multidimensional Body Integration

Deeper Integration of all the bodies, accessing your full spectrum and creative power.

Expand and Express

Ride the spiral of expansion and live your full authentic expression, creating new realities beyond your wildest dreams.

This is how you are supported

Bi-weekly Video Calls

Bi-Weekly Video calls, dropping deep into your current multidimensional expansion and embodiment journey, creating space for the magic to flow through in crystal clear clarity. Supporting integration and crystallization, into your life experience.

Chat & Email Support

For continued guidance and follow-up support, as required during the program. As well as accountability check-ups, for any inspired action steps that came up during the 1:1 sessions. We are available all the way, and love celebrating your progress with you!

Frequently asked questions

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Some of the techniques are freely available for anyone to use, others  require further training. This program will give you a personal experience into some of the leading-edge tools, and can support you to upgrade your own field of embodiment as a practitioner, to hold a more powerful and safe space for your clients.

This course could be very beneficial for any imbalance, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. To gain better clarity if this is the right program for you at this time, feel free to book a clarity call to find out more and to connect.

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