3-month journey
1:1 program

Free your Mind & Emotions

Subconscious Reprogramming and Somatic Re-calibration

The program

This private program provides a safe container to dive deep into the psycho-somatic aspects of yourself. Understanding how these bodies relate to your physical body is a vital process to access lasting wellness results, integration and self actualization.

Get crystal clear on your personal limiting beliefs and stubborn trauma patterns and shift them with leading-edge tools and years of experience in subconscious mind reprogramming, and somatics and nervous system recalibrating. 

This subtle work is also known as Quantum healing and DNA repair. Working with these bodies is vital for full body wellness and integration, and the “golden missing key” for lasting results in the physical body as well.

What you will receive

From Surviving to Thriving

Shift from the state of survival and anxiety, into a state of safety, freedom and love.

Somatic Recalibration

Recalibrate your somatic system, access more calmness, more expansion, more success and new realities.

Nervous System Regulation

Learn how to release build-up tension in your nervous system, and how to regulate it with effective techniques.

Subconscious Reprogramming

Reprogram self-limiting outdated beliefs and trauma patterns, affecting your health, life and relationships.

Highest Potential Attunement

Tap into your highest potential and deepest desires, and align with them, body, mind and spirit.

Mental-Emotional Integration

Deeper integration between mind, emotions, and nervous system, to move through life with self-mastery, ease and grace.

This is how you are supported

Bi-weekly Video Calls

You will have a 1:1 video call with Isolde, Bi-weekly for 3 months. Working in person with leading-edge subconscious reprogramming techniques and practicing and teaching somatic release and calibrations practices.

Chat & Email Support

24/7 Email and Whatsapp support, while you are in the program. It’s natural for big and small changes to take place in your life, while you transform and recalibrate to the new space within your subtle bodies. We are there to celebrate all of the change with you!

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions.
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No, you can be very successful in all areas of your life, and have the desire to explore and integrate deeper into your multidimensional self. Or, you can start to explore these bodies, and desire guidance for the magic to open up more, to start accessing your full spectrum and possibilities. Your soul is the guide, there are no limits and all in Divine timing. Let’s fly!

No, this is for everyone who believes they have a soul and desire to express more of their essence, and desire to integrate and embody all of their multidimensional selves, it doesn’t matter which religion you are, all are respected.

No, if your soul and heart feels ready and excited, follow the call. I am here.

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