3-month journey
1:1 program

Free Your Body & Energy

Cellular Detox and Regeneration

The program

This is a 3-month personalized and private program, with Isolde, to become educated and self-empowered in the art of detoxing and regenerating on a cellular level. Cleansing your physical and bio-energetic bodies is vital for great and sustained wellness. Additionally, to the 3 months, you will receive integration support for another 3 months after the program (1 x 60 minutes call per month).

This program is a result of 12 years of experience in the field of detoxing, gut health and nutrition as well as my own journey from chronic disease, and cancer, to embodied wellness. 

Whether you are dealing with serious chronic symptoms, pain or cancer, or not, the impact of environmental and pharmaceutical chemicals building up in our bodies has become a serious challenge we are all facing today.

Who is this program for:

  • Wellness practitioners to upgrade and embody their own cellular wellness, and to integrate what they learn into their practice.
  • Anyone who is passionate about their own wellness, either to prevent, or to treat the causes of chronic dis-ease and pain.

It’s time to detox and regenerate! In the most safe and effective ways, to keep on living our best lives.

The benefits

Cellular Detoxification

Receive a full body detox guide, cleansing all your systems on a cellular level with DIY practices made easy.

Prevention and Cure

Preventing is much better than cure. A regenerative approach treats the causes of pain and dis-ease, and the answer to real and long-term wellness either way. The sooner you start the better!

Cellular Anti-aging

Support your innate healing mechanism, activate true anti-aging, longevity and upgrade your quality of life.

Evolutionary Nutrition

Personalize and Practice Evolutionary nutrition, gut health and clean up your diet, taking action where it's required most.

Leading-edge Solutions

Access leading-edge products and technologies to upgrade your regeneration journey, according to your budget.

Personalized Program

All of the above would be personalized to your particular requirements and desires for ultimate and integrated results

How you are supported

Full Body Detox DIY Guide

Learn how to do a full body cleanse, (colon, liver, gallbladder, blood, kidneys, lymphatic), with tips and contraindications, to do it safely and to get the best results. All in one place. Priceless!

Bi-weekly Video Calls

Bi-weekly video calls to guide, support and empower you to integrate the protocols and tools with ease, according to your schedule. Guiding your personalized detox program, one step at a time, for ultimate and sustainable results.

Leading-Edge Life Supporting Tools

Gain access and training to some of the world's best technologies in the field, for safe and effective cellular detoxification and regeneration. These can be added to the Program, according to your budget and requirements.

Chat & Email Support

Have access to continued WhatsApp and Email support between the bi-weekly calls, to make sure all your questions and concerns are covered, while you find your new space within. We are with you all the way.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions.
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Yes, we believe to guide others in wellness, one has to embody this yourself on a cellular level, ultimately. This is a great program to get to know all the phases of detoxing and regenerating, which you can integrate in your already existing practice.

Yes you can, this is exactly what you want to get started on, as soon as possible. This approach is treating one of the direct causes of dis-ease in the physical body, build-up toxins, leading to blockages and then symptoms all over the body.

No, this is for anyone who is getting started, or for those who have done bits and pieces over the years, but want to do the full body in the right order and way, and personalize their program for best results, and to obtain the information for future maintenance.

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